The HUMVEE® C–Series™ Kit is a civilian product with the best in industry mobility technology made available for the first time to the general public. Many of the basics are supplied — aircraft quality aluminum riveted body, exceptionally durable chassis, and a basic soft top structure that screams "off–road ready". A trimmed–out interior that you can customize to your liking provides the final finish. The HUMVEE C–Series is ready to crawl over its competition and climb into the lead of the 4X4 civilian market. HUMVEE builders will add the powertrain of your choice and you are ready to roll. The sub–assemblies requiring the most critical tolerances and processes — the fully painted chassis and riveted aluminum body- are offered with your choice of 3 Military inspired colors from AM General and limitless possibilities for custom choices afterward. These components are provided complete, with the world class quality and durability already baked–in from an award–winning factory workforce. More than 60 hours of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) registered manufacturing is included with your kit components. No one in the world can provide these assemblages better (or more efficiently) than AM General. Each of these items has seen improvements over past commercial offerings, so you are building with the latest in off–road technology. Better yet, Lynch HUMVEE Builders/ Adventure Accessories offers access to accessory manufacturers allowing you to develop unique and striking customizations integrated into the build.  AM General provides all the factory built HUMVEE assemblies and Lynch HUMVEE Builders does the rest to complete your NEW turnkey Civilian HUMVEE.


The HUMVEE C-Series is capable of a 2–ton payload and up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity depending on the powertrain you choose. The 4–wheel independent suspension with geared hubs will allow you to tiptoe through boulders with torque biasing differentials providing forward movement. The C–Series Kit uses rugged steering components that display gorilla–like strength to transverse the hardest — or softest trails. You can even choose the factory installed optional electronic locking differentials for tractor–like crawling over any terrain, anywhere.


AM General has canceled the Humvee C Series Kits and returned all deposits.