C-Series Kit Body.


Designed and constructed with aeronautic technology and established processes, the HUMVEE C–Series all–aluminum body has become an icon in the automotive world. Panels are bonded together with heat cured adhesive and rivets, providing a strong but flexible structure. A corrosion-thwarting alodine treatment is sealed by fully painting all surfaces before the body leaves the plant. The composite hood comes fully painted and dressed for your convenience, with timely placed harnesses, lights and grill components.


*Riveted Aluminum Body Assembly, with Heat Set Adhesive


*Fully Painted Surfaces with Your Choice of 3 Colors


*Under Body Insulation


*2–Inch Body Lift for more Versatile Engine Installation


*Main Body Wiring Harness


*Fully Painted and Dressed Hood (LED Lighting Package, Wiring, Grill and Hood latch Hardware)


*High Back Cloth Seats


*Main and Auxilary HVAC Units


*Durable Interior Trim with Camouflage Accents and New Gauge Pack