HUMVEE C Series Chassis


The HUMVEE C–Series chassis is an off-roader's dream come true. Strong, reliable and world–proven durability allow you to build your vehicle with confidence. Able to receive various powertrain types, the C–Series chassis will provide the builder both the strength and versatility to implement their unique kit concept.


*Newly Designed 3–Piece Welded Box Frame


*Steel Bumpers with mounted D–Rings


*Coolpack (Radiator, Engine Oil Cooler, Transmission Oil Cooler A/C Condenser)


*Frame Uprights with Air Lift Brackets


*Newly Designed Wilwood Brake System


*Tremec Geared Hubs


*GKN Half Shafts


*Trailer Tow (10K lb Hitch Rate)


*Main and Secondary Fuel Tank (52.5 gal. Capacity)


*TORSEN® Differentials