HUMVEE C Series Kit Standard Features.


The HUMVEE C–Series Kit comes with an aluminum body and chassis sub-assembly. Each separate Kit component receives a high level of quality control and manufacturing expertise of unparalleled value. The aircraft–style body sub-assembly is provided with panels and bracings, over 2800 holes and rivets factory set. The chassis is constructed with corrosion resistant coated grade 8 hardware; installed and torqued to factory specifications. The Soft Top with canvas–style Soft Doors retain the austere nature of the C–Series, while the Dual Fuel Tanks and utilitarian trim package allow you to build your vehicle for the purpose that fits you, including going deep into the back country, without being overdressed.


*Body with 2800 Installed Rivets


*Chassis ASM w/ Springs, Cross-Members,

Geared Hubs, Half–Shafts, Torsen® Differentials,

and CoolPack.


*Fully Painted and Dressed Hood (LED Lighting Package, Wiring, Grill and Hoodlatch Hardware)


*Soft Top w/Soft Doors


*Main and Secondary Fuel Tanks


*Durable Interior Trim with Camouflage Accents and New Gauge Pack